Anna Yen

Anna Yen, CFA, has nearly 2 decades of experience in financial markets, primarily with JPMorgan and UBS. Currently, she manages digital assets and her goal at FamilyFI is to empower families with financial literacy. She’s worked in 5 countries and visited 57.

Stories by Anna Yen

Thin Credit File
What does it mean if I have a thin credit file?

Having a thin credit file makes it more difficult to qualify for loans, credit cards, and a place to live, like an apartment.…

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What Is Net Worth?

You may have heard of the term “net worth” and figured it refers to a person or an entity’s wealth without fully understanding…

Can I change my bank account number
Can I change my bank account number?

Learning that your account number for your bank has been compromised is a frustrating process, especially if you find out because your bank…

paying off mortgage early
Are there fees for paying off a mortgage early?

When you take out a mortgage, you may run into tons of fees. Origination fees… Appraisal fees… Rate lock fees… Late fees… The…

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