Austin Hankwitz

In 2020, Austin Hankwitz began posting personal finance and investing videos on TikTok - drawing from experiences as a Strategic Financial Analyst for Amedisys (AMED). He quickly grew a dedicated community of over 500,000 followers and thousands of subscribers to his long-form written analysis on the Rate of Return Substack. Austin has been featured on Bloomberg, Business Insider, CNBC, Market Watch, New York Times and more.

Stories by Austin Hankwitz

Tax Returns Explained
Beyond the Wallet – Tax Returns Explained

Video Transcription The holidays have come and gone, and the next ‘holiday’ season has officially begun – tax season. Before you get stressed…

Taxes Written Off
Beyond the Wallet – Work From Home Tax Write Offs

Video Transcription Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. We’re now in the heart of tax season and you’re likely not happy…

Inflation Explained
[Video] Beyond the Wallet EP 2: Inflation Breakdown

Throughout 2021 we’ve experienced the highest growth rate of inflation in over 30 years - so in this video I’m going to explain…

Building your first budget
[Video] Beyond the Wallet EP 3: Building Your First Budget

How do the wealthy stay wealthy? That’s, well, a lot to unpack. But one of their biggest advantages is a well-maintained budget. Luckily,…

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