Kaitlyn Wolf

Kaitlyn Wolf is a freelance writer, among many other things. With a drive to build an incredible life, she is always looking for ways to make an impact and move her life forward. She currently manages spas and fitness centers, teaches hot pilates, creates social media ads, and does freelance content writing. In her free time, you'll find her working out, hanging with her dog, and adventuring outdoors.

Stories by Kaitlyn Wolf

What is a joint credit card account
What is a joint credit card account?

Joint credit card accounts give you and another person the ability to share a line of credit, along with bearing responsibility for the…

benefits of being debt free
Benefits of being debt free

Being stuck in debt not only ties up your money, but it can also hinder you from living life on your terms. Not…

personal wellness
15 personal wellness resolutions for the New Year

We’ve all heard the saying, “New year, new me!” but instead of a new you, why not make 2022 all about embracing a…

Unlimited Data for Less
How to get unlimited data plans for less 

Smartphones allow you to check your email, scroll through social media sites, watch a movie, check your bank account, and make phone calls.…

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