15 Tips for Making More Money

Tips for making more money

Are you looking for ways to make extra money but you have no clue where to start? You might be asking yourself questions like, “What is a good side job from home?” or “What side jobs make the most money?”

Or maybe you’re wondering, “How can I make extra money if I work full time?” Don’t stress any longer because we’re here to help you figure out your next money moves with 15 tips for making more money! 

No matter what your work schedule looks like, there are ways for you to bring in the extra cash that you need so that you can stop living paycheck to paycheck and enjoy your life instead. You’ll be financially healthy in no time! 

1. Pick up hours at your job

If possible, try to pick up extra hours at your current job. If you work enough to qualify for overtime, then you can bring in some serious extra cash. In fact, just five hours of overtime per week could result in enough cash to reduce your financial stress. That’s only one extra hour per day! You’ve got this. 

2. Ask for a raise

Research your current position online and figure out what the average salary is in your area. The chances that you’re making less than the average amount is very likely. So, use your findings to gauge how much money you should be making.

Then, factor in what your job responsibilities are and how your company benefits from your work. Compile this information and form a valid request for a raise, but be prepared to back up your claims by showing data that explains just how valuable you are. 

Your company will have a hard time saying no if you formulate a strong argument. But even if your boss says no, at least you asked. And if they aren’t open to paying you more, it might be time to look for another job that is willing to pay you what you deserve. 

3. Sell your stuff

Do a deep clean around your home in the likes of Marie Kondo. Ask yourself what no longer makes you happy and then sell it. Old electronics, clothing, appliances, artwork, and so many other items can be sold online via sites like Poshmark, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace.

4. Get a second job

Take on a second job to earn even more money. For instance, you can opt for a waitressing or bartending job as they tend to offer more flexibility. You might even end up making so much money in tips that you’ll only need to work one or two nights per week! 

5. Learn new skills

Use your spare time to learn new skills or trades online as a way to boost your earning potential. Online courses via platforms like Udemy and Coursera make it possible to choose from hundreds of skill classes while working at your own pace. They are also an amazing way to save money since the classes are far cheaper than the cost of taking college credits. Similarly, you can even jump on YouTube to learn new skills for free!

6. Sell handmade items

Get crafty and sell your handmade goods online using platforms such as Etsy or Artfire. Take it a step further by looking into neighborhood flea or farmer’s markets to see if there are opportunities for you to sell your items locally. 

7. Become a babysitter or nanny

There are so many online platforms that connect families to caretakers. Whether you’d like to work part-time, full-time, or just babysit on occasion, there will be plenty of opportunities for you. Look into sites like Care.com to see who needs a nanny in your neighborhood. 

8. Teach others your skills

Already have a skill you excel at? Teach others how to do it, too! You can teach languages online, tutor students, or record tutorials. For example, do you love fitness or are you skilled at a particular sport? You can look into becoming a coach, personal trainer, or group fitness instructor part-time for extra cash! 

9. Pick up temp work

If you’re currently working at a job that’s flexible, look into part-time temp work. You’ll send the temp agency your schedule for the week and the agency will pair you up with a job that fits your skills as well as your background. 

A lot of these temp jobs are easy administrative positions that pay well, so don’t underestimate the positive impact of a temp job as long as you can work it into your schedule. It’s also a great way to build up your resume if you plan on applying for a full-time job or have been out of the workforce for a while.

10. Become a virtual assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is a great way to make extra income on the side no matter where you live. All of the work is done from your computer, and the flexibility makes it an easy job to fit into your schedule. 

Virtual assistant duties generally center around basic administrative work like taking calls, scheduling appointments, and managing travel arrangements. Upwork is a great resource for finding a virtual assistant job because new jobs are added every minute. 

11. Perform services

Help people in your city by performing services like cleaning jobs, furniture assembly, or home improvements tasks with Handy or TaskRabbit. You’ll gain access to hundreds of different jobs and you’ll get to create your own schedule. The jobs also pay well so it will be worth your time, even if you’re doing something as simple as cleaning homes with Handy. Plus, you can make great money! 

12. Work for Amazon

It’s safe to say that almost everyone uses Amazon all across America. This means that Amazon will almost always have job openings available in one form or another. You could become a driver and deliver packages to people. Or if driving isn’t your thing, you could work in an Amazon warehouse helping to pack and ship items instead! 

13. Sell your photography 

Is photography your passion? Do you have gorgeous photos of mountain landscapes or the perfect latte in your camera roll? If so, with Picfair, you can make money from your photos by selling digital downloads or prints. All you have to do is upload the content you want to share, and just like that, you can start earning cash. 

14. Get a remote job 

Make your cash from home by becoming a freelancer. With Fiverr, you can get paid for specific services like graphic design, writing, or video editing. Sign up for free, set up a profile describing your gig, and get ready to receive notifications when people request your services! 

15. Start a side hustle

There are a ton of options for you to choose from when it comes to side hustles. With a side hustle, you can earn money when you want, where you want, both day and night. You could drive people to their destinations with Uber or Lyft, deliver food with PostMates or DoorDash, and even deliver groceries with Instacart! 

More money, less stress

Use these tips for success so that you can start making more money and become your own boss! Keep in mind that being responsible with your extra cash is what’s going to set you up for sustainable financial success down the road. Just because you make more money doesn’t mean you should be spending more. 

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