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Improve your cash flow, personal budget, credit, savings, and more with America’s first financial fitness tracker — the Financial Heartbeat®.

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Personalized FINANCIAL advice

Tracking your financial health is finally easy

We strive to make personal finance less stressful (even enjoyable!) and empower you to reach your goals. That’s why we built America’s first personal finance monitor: the Financial Heartbeat.

This feature in our mobile banking app gives you an easy way to track your financial wellness and reduce your financial stress. In the same way you might monitor your health and count your daily steps with an app or wearable, the Financial Heartbeat allows you to easily monitor your personal finance steps and overall financial health and achieve new goals.

Monitor four key areas of your financial health


Measure your savings health — how well you are prepared for expenses, both unexpected & planned.


Keep your spending in line with your income and personal budget — a critical step for financial strength.


Understand and organize your insurance needs and coverage. Step by step, you can build your Shield of protection.


Learn about your overall credit health factors like credit utilization and get access to credit score monitoring.

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Check your financial heartbeat score daily

We use powerful artificial intelligence (AI) tools, machine learning, and data science to deliver personalized financial planning and advice in the Financial Heartbeat, helping you overcome the traditional hassles of managing your finances so you can feel empowered and in sync with your money.

With the Financial Heartbeat, you’ll see your key financial planning factors, including savings and spending, in a beautiful, easy-to-use interface. You’ll be able to view the real-time status of your finances at a glance and dive deeper into each factor anytime.

gps to your goals
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Get a GPS to your goals

Track your budget, get personalized advice, and celebrate progress. For a healthier tomorrow.

Let your Financial Heartbeat score guide you

How does the Financial Heartbeat work?

real time financial status

See your real-time financial status

When you check your Financial Heartbeat, you’ll see a beautifully designed heart that pulses and changes colors to reflect your progress.

You’ll get a real-time score of 1.0 to 10.0 so you can see your total financial health at a glance.

key factors

Drill down into your key factors

Your total score is calculated by measuring your financial health across five key pillars that reflect and guide your personal financial planning.

Your scores help you easily see where you are on your journey. No calculator or notepad needed!

stay motivated

Stay motivated on your journey

Your personal finance score can be your navigation system to guide you toward better financial habits.

The easy, daily measurement provided by the Financial Heartbeat makes personal financial planning more accessible and attainable.

measure progress
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celebrate your success

Measure your personal finance progress

The Financial Heartbeat makes it easy to manage your personal budget, debt, expenses, credit health, and other elements of personal finance. You’ll see daily indicators of your progress, areas to work on, and personalized financial planning advice.

The Financial Heartbeat’s Strive icon helps you maintain your positive momentum by awarding you badges that celebrate the hard work you put into improving your personal finances!

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start financial planning

We believe financial planning is for everyone

Get started with the Financial Heartbeat in the free MoneyLion mobile app now. Once you securely link your financial accounts, you can maximize the impact of our powerful AI and machine learning platform by receiving personalized, real-time advice to improve your personal budget and financial health. Ready, set, go!

Start tracking your money today